Friday, January 7, 2011

PTK Philosophy

The Philosophy

We believe in Life, we do not believe in death.
Our belief in life is supreme and permeates all aspects of our being.

We believe in Health, we do not believe in sickness.
Health and longevity is our primary maintenance.

We believe in Success, we do not believe in failure.
We commit ourselves to success in every action.

The Kaliman, spiritually through his philosophy and physically through his training in the combative arts of Kali, confronts death as a daily part of life.  By a constant awareness of the presence of death and one’s resolution to confront it, the Kaliman is liberated from the fear of death.  In this confrontation with the darker side of life the Kaliman comes to see things as they really are; a view uncluttered by futile dreams, hopes, and false expectations.  The Kaliman learns not to base his actions on the fear of death, old age or sickness but to revel in the success of the moment.  Only in the “now” can one see things clearly and without judgment or bias.  This philosophy engenders mutual respect among men and respect for life.

Culture is the product of the Kaliman’s philosophy of life.  The culture of the Filipino people is based upon three tenets.

  • Respect – The Kaliman believes in life and thus, respects the life of another.

  • Concern and Care – This is the outgrowth of respect for others

  • Hospitality – The combination of respect, concern and care results in hospitality towards others. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Bourne fighting system

Here is a site that covers the fight coreography from Jason Bourne's style.

From the Bourne Trilogy

Sunday, October 24, 2010

PTK Spetsnaz Training

These are a few pictures from the Spetsnaz group that came over to the Philippines to train in PTK.